Themenschwerpunkt 2016

Global Belly portrays the people entangled in the transnational surrogacy business. In an installation/performance, breezy agents meet content surrogates, arguing feminists encounter loving intended fathers. Is surrogacy work, charity or a new form of neocolonialism? Should it be legalised or banned? This performance shifts between borderless desire, finely balanced intimacy, heated debate and the cool logic of the market.

Next shows:

Theater Tuchlaube Aarau: 1.11., 2.11. and 3.11. at 8.15 pm and 4.11. at 7 pm  (tickets available online at Theater Tuchlaube)

CREA Amsterdam: 7.12.2017, 18 Uhr (English version, as part of the conference 'Surrogacy – Policies, Practices and Experiences' , ticket reservations:, tickets: 15 €)

The play has limited seating of 30 people, please reserve tickets your tickets well in advance and pick them up till 5.30 pm at the venue)

15.11.2017 / 20 h / Kulturwerkwochen Schlüchtern (MADE Festival)
16.1.2018 / 19.30 h / Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg (with discussion)
18.1.2018 / 18.30 h / Museum für Völkerkunde Hamburg
19.1.2018 / 19 h /  Theater Bremen / Brauhauskeller (with discussion)
21.1.2018 / 18 h / Theater Bremen / Brauhauskeller

Publikumsstimmen nach den Aufführrungen von Maji Maji Flava in Tansania im Februar 2017

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