Talk with descendants on the restitution of ancestors to Tanzania on 13.05.24

For decades, families from Tanzania have been demanding the restitution of the remains of their ancestors: executed leaders of the resistance against the colonial power in so-called German East Africa. Around 1900, thousands of ancestral remains were sent from the colonies to Berlin, among other places, for racist research. As part of the MAREJESHO research exhibition, it was possible for the first time to identify some of the missing leaders through DNA comparison. However, many families still do not know where their ancestors are. And even the return of those identified for burial in their homeland is proving difficult. In a public talk, descendants speak about their search and the urgency of bringing their ancestors home. Decolonize Berlin will also present the app, which was developed together with descendants and offers an initial tool for searching for ancestral remains.

With: Felix Kaaya, Zablon Kiwelu, John Mbano, Anael Meli und Sindato Ndesamburo.
Moderation: Konradin Kunze (Flinn Works), Isabelle Reimann (HU Berlin)

13.05.2024 7 pm in the Marejesho exhibition at TA T (Tieranatomisches Theater), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Campus Nord.
An event by Flinn Works, Decolonize Berlin, Berlin Postkolonial and the Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Cinema release "The Empty Grave" on 23.05.24

The film follows two Tanzanian families in search of the remains of their ancestors that were abducted during the German colonial era. Flinn Works' research exhibition Marejesho is also part of the documentary. Premiere on 14.05.2024 at 7 pm in the Delphi Filmpalast.

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May 13 2024, 7 pm: Talk with descendants on the restitution of ancestors to Tanzania

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