Maji Maji Flava
03.-04.04.2020, 7pm / Kampnagel, Hamburg
Songs of the T-shirt (staged reading)
26.04.2020 / Museum europäischer Kulturen, Berlin
Fear & Fever
12.06.2020 Pavillion Hannover
17.-18.06.2020, 8.15pm / Theater Tuchlaube Aarau, Switzerland
Global Belly (Freiburg Version)
13.06.2020 (Opening) Theater Freiburg
Mangi Meli Remains
Exhibition since 02.03.2019 Court Building, Tsuduni, Old Moshi, Tansania
Commemoration Day 02.03.2020
Film Festivals:
11.-16.03.2020 FICCI Cartagena, Columbia
19.-22.03.2020 ANIMFEST Athens, Greece
08.-20.05.2020 FIFEQ Montreal, Canada

Mangi Meli Commemoration Day

Flinn Works supports the Mangi Meli Commemoration Day 2020 in Old Moshi. Please donate!
On 2nd March 2020 in Old Moshi, Tanzania, we honour the resitance fighters against German colonialism. We start a dialogue on urgent issues of the past and present.

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As Artists in Residence Flinn Works will present a three new productions at Theater Freiburg. We will start this cooperation in June 2020 with an adaptation of GLOBAL BELLY, followed by the international coproduction LEARNING FEMINISM FROM RWANDA. In 2021/22 we will devise a new performance at Theater Freiburg with the working title HOW I WAS MADE.

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